May 132013

H & 1/2This past week, Hyperbole and a Half returned to the web. It seems Allie Brosh, the writer/artist, has gone through what most of us with depression go through as well. She evidenced this in an earlier post before her 18-month hiatus, but when she came back–whoa did her post hit me hard. She really nailed what it’s like to go through not being able to feel.

I just wanted to pause for a few minutes and reflect on everything. I still can’t get over how dead-on her post was. It’s so hard to explain to everyone what you’re going through when you constantly feel like a sack of shit. You really do have to fake your emotions so people won’t suspect anything and leave you alone. I should know, considering I’m battling with depression myself–taking medication, getting therapy, and whatnot. It’s not an easy fight, and it takes forever to recover, sometimes even involving relapses that destroy months and months of progress.

It took me nearly a week to get this post out, and I still feel like I could have said more or could have tied it into my own experiences. Maybe in time, I’ll get to that, but I’m just going to leave things where they are for now and let Allie’s return to the internet limelight go on.

Welcome back to the internet, Allie Brosh.


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Feb 092013

Eat my dick, paying customers!


Just to let you know, I’m back. Also, I’ve had this site for nearly two years and I haven’t posted on here a lot.
Well, I guess I have to start using it. Expect some posts sooner or later, even though they’ll be sporadic over the next few weeks, and most likely unrelated to anything.

Right now, I’m putting things on Craigslist, so maybe you’ll see me Monday. It’s tax season, so I just don’t care about anything.

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Jun 242012

 Well, we’ve made it 4 weeks in 2 months and close to 23 posts…. not a very good record, I admit. However, I have a health condition that makes me very tired and ornery for being tired. It’s an awful feeling, but I’m trying to regain control. Unlike House, it isn’t lupus.

Anyways, a lot has happened in the 3 weeks I’ve been away from keyboard, sleeping through hours of my life. I’ve made Red Lobster’s Cheddar Bay Biscuits from some stupid Reddit meme post (you’ll see later this week) and I bought a few packs of the new Avacyn Restored MTG booster. In addition to that, I ended up getting my legendary daggers in my guild’s core raid group as well as ended up getting a new therapist after my other one left.

This week, I hope to conquer the Turkey Philly so I have something to post next week. I don’t really have much to say today, but I will leave you all with this tweet of wisdom that I wish were true for me at the moment.



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May 162012

Image Credit: Defconawesome.comWhile I wait for my graphics card to magically upgrade so I can play Diablo III, I might as well sit here and fume about a company I really used to love.  Today’s subject: Nexon.

I really used to love Nexon. I used to play Vindictus and Dungeon Fighter to relive my arcade days of feeding quarters into the machines. I used to love their game mechanics and party systems. I fed so much money into getting NXcash to having a few nice things here and there. Until one fateful day… I logged in and everything changed!

And by “everything changed,” I mean that I logged into my account on the site and–what do you know–I somehow hacked my own account by changing my email address and password. I even tried contacting customer service, which was ultimately futile, as none of them probably spoke proper English and couldn’t understand that my account was on the fritz due to their login systems.

I would have been fine with this had they solved the problem and I could get back to playing. However, after the third or fourth correspondence with them, they ceased replying. Also, I was left with no way to log into my account that I had furnished with a hefty amount of NX, which they wouldn’t even refund at that. I couldn’t play any game, spend my NX, or really do anything in the vein of having fun.

You might be asking me: “Why don’t you just start a new account?” Well, it’s not that simple when you’ve attached financial payment tokens to your other account. As soon as you try to buy more NX, they’ll ban your other account too, allegedly for fraud/identity theft. Also, if you have high-level characters on a Nexon game, you really don’t want to start over due to how time-consuming leveling is on one of their games. It sucks the reward factor out at a pace akin to a vacuum cleaner sucking up your priceless legendary Yu-Gi-Oh! cards on Christmas day.

So, if you need to change your defunct email address to your new one on your Nexon account, don’t do it. Also, just stay away from Nexon even though a few of their games are sorta good. It’s not worth it, in my opinion.

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May 152012

So, if anyone hasn’t noticed, the new Magic: The Gathering set, Avacyn Restored is out.

I got my hands on a booster pack today and I’m planning on revealing what I got and giving my first thoughts on the set tomorrow.

However, I’d like to draw attention to this strange pre-release trailer:


As much as I love Magic, their trailers catch me off guard every time. I don’t know whether it’s because my brain can’t process the missing animation frames and the discrepancies between the animation and the card art I’ve seen or because it’s just not all that exciting.

What do you think about this trailer?

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May 112012

Pictured: Satisfying Canadian Flavor

Well, I never thought I’d say this, but there’s some great foreign fast food out there. Of all things, I thought poutine would be some disgusting hodgepodge of weird stuff. It turns out, it’s just about the same as potatoes and gravy with cheese–except with french fries.

To the left is a picture of what I made. I made an entire pan of it, and it was just amazing. Inadvertently, I used my maple leaf plate. I guess I’m just subconsciously Canadian.



Traditionally, this is made with cheese curds in Canada, but I didn’t have the patience or time to fry up cheese into weird-shaped balls and settled with melting mozzarella all over it.

To anyone who’s wondering how to make this, here’s my simple recipe:

“American Poutine” (serves approximately 3)


  •  1/2 a bag of frozen store-bought fries
  •  8 oz. shredded mozzarella cheese
  • brown gravy mix packet


  1.  Preheat oven 25 degrees higher than directions on bag state. Also, set timer for an extra 5 minutes than what the directions state.
  2. Bake fries for the original time, take them out and spread the mozzarella generously over the entire surface area of the fries.
  3. Put back in the oven for the remaining 5 minutes or until cheese is completely melted and stringy.
  4. Prepare brown gravy mix.
  5. Serve!

You can put as much or as little gravy on your fries to taste, so dig in! It’s pretty nice.

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May 102012

Welcome to yet another meta post! Sad news that advertising won’t be open until at least this Sunday, but it’s for a great cause–letting me recuperate from the rest of my semester. I made 4 A’s and a B, so I did alright.

[About 4] people often ask me what the focus of this site is. I then proceed to tell them that “it’s everything” and douse them with gasoline for asking me such a stupid question. Honestly, I will focus on everything–at least everything I’m interested in, and that’s more than you can count on your fingers. So far, I have 25 categories set up–some which will probably never be used. However, if you really want to know, I’m going to focus the most on arts and crafts, cute animals, technology, video games, and Magic: The Gathering. Also, probably miscellaneous political and whatever stuff, sparingly.

In other words, something for everyone. If you can’t use a computer, I don’t know how you got here.

Anyways, expect stuff tomorrow, since I have no excuse.

Also, the Small Business free ads will slowly be up over the next week. I have to make lil’ tiny versions of their website banners and stuff to put there. These will be left up indefinitely! If you’re raring to go on advertising, check the link at the top under the “Contact Info” tab!

Peace out, Holmes.

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Apr 222012

Pictured: the fall of civilization.

Nobody in particular.  Maybe I’ll finally open up advertising starting either next Sunday or the next. So, keep an eye out for that if you want to dump money into advertisements.


In other news, we’re short a few posts last week. This was mostly because I have a health condition that limits my availability to post/queue posts. Mostly, I end up going to bed early or getting exhausted before I can finish a post or troubleshoot any (that happened with a few video posts this week). I’d love to have people submit stuff to the site.

Remember: If you’d like to send something for me to rip apart/into, send to:
Other upcoming things:

  • These are my last two weeks of school, including finals themselves.  If there’s a huge gap in posts, it’s not inherently my fault unless you hold some vendetta against higher education.
  • Advertising will open approximately on April 30th. I’ll let everyone know in the next meta.
  • I will post at least one educational thing for no reason this coming week.
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